colour separation services


For a multiple colour design, every colour has to be separated to a single layer. Depending on the complexity of the design, the studio offers halftone, CMYK and spot colour separation services.

Halftone separation process uses dots that layer on top of each other to create multitude of colours.

CMYK process separation mixes 4 main colours (cyan, magenta, yellow, black). Colours are transparent and different angles to layer on top of each other and produce a full colour image.

Spot Colour Separation is mainly used for printing text, solid line or area images. This process uses colours that are not mixing and each colour is represented by it’s own ink.




Studio technicians can transfer a photographic, illustrative or hand made image and make it ready to print on a desired material including paper, fabric, canvas.

The studio operates a water based screen printing system and offers screen printing services of small / large print runs and editions. The studio can print up to A1 size designs of multiple colours as well as add finishing touches such as varnishing, gold leafing, deckling edges and more.

To get a print estimate one can contact the studio providing the following: number of prints / number of colours / size of paper / weight of paper / your deadline required.



The studio provides large scale format high quality digital printing service. motif uses Epson Stylus Pro 7800 Large Format  digital printer  with Chrome K3 eight colour ink system. Formats of any length and in width between A4 (21 x 29.7cm) and A1 (54,9 x 84,1cm) can be printed on to fine art paper.

The studio can source a wide range of papers on demand. Giclée prints can be finished by adding: varnish, gold leaf, glitter, hand finish and other mixed media elements.

film positive and screen preparation

Studio technicians can transfer a chosen hand-made or photographic image onto screens. The image can be any type of visual ranging from a photograph or a digital file, to hand cut or drawn artwork.

For digital film positive printing the studio uses PosiPrint™ Screen Film 130mic. Instant dry microporous film is ideal for the creation of high resolution colour separations used for screen stencils or litho plate production. For hand drawn elements the studio provides rough surface True Grain acetate that absorbs any liquid materials such as ink, spray paint, markers, etc.

The studio provides screen coating, cleaning and exposing services.